The EmpowHERment Project | Kellie Johnson
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Kellie Johnson

Owner, Elan Studio + Blush Salon

Kellie’s sense of the human spirit and passion for growing teams has helped her excel in all facets of the beauty industry. Kellie’s fascination with people and desire to make them look and feel their most beautiful marks her evolution from hair and makeup artist to educator to freelancing in NYC to being part of MTV team, to salon owner to certified Professional coach and Certified Hypnotherapist.


With over 30 years of industry experience, Kellie continues to advance her education, believing that education, conscious awareness and team-building provide the positive pathways to the highest levels of competence and confidence—the motivational keys to anyone wishing be successful in business and in life. 

As a salon owner for the past 15 years, Kellie leads with love to inspire her own all-female powerhouse team to be the best they can be through mindfulness, connection and technical training.


Her studio, Elan is continually recognized for its outstanding performance and consummate professionalism: Elan has been featured in Salon Today as a Top 200, American Salon Magazine Top 50 Salons and recipient of the American Salon Pinnacle Award. Images can be seen in InJersey Magazine, Hairstyle Showcase, Salon Today, and Cut & Style Magazine. As a past industry Educator , Kellie loves to share her knowledge with owners, stylists and colorists all over the country.


Artist, Entrepreneur, Beauty Maker, Coach: from working backstage at the New York City fashion week, to building a multi-million-dollar business, from travelling the world, to being present in the moment Kellie shares her passion for life and her expertise with anyone looking to balance business, beauty and life. Becoming a hypnotherapist in 2014 and now a certified professional coach, Kellie continues to pursue the best version of herself in an effort to help others become the best of their selves.