The EmpowHERment Project | Lyndsey Bardnell
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Lyndsey Bardnell

President, The EmpowHERment Project

SVP, Strategic Projects & Industry Development, Luxury Brand Partners


Lyndsey Bardnell is President of The EmpowHERment Project and Senior Vice President of Strategic Projects and Industry Development at Luxury Brand Partners.


She is responsible for spearheading project-based initiatives that benefit the beauty industry as a whole. In this role, Lyndsey has been instrumental in creating Ideologue, a biannual conference that gives salon owners and stylists access to global thought leaders, and producing the documentary The Reset, hairstylist and filmmaker Howard McLaren’s inside look at the beauty industry. In addition, Lyndsey facilitates strategic talent acquisitions and leads business school classes. Her work has elevated the profile of LBP, positioning the company as an innovator and leader in top-of-the line educational experiences.


Prior to her current position, Lyndsey has held various executive roles in education and sales at Luxury Brand Partners and Oribe Hair Care, LBP’s prestige hair care brand. In these positions, she has led and developed sales territories and created business content for both external clients and internal teams. She began her career at Bumble and bumble, where she worked in sales, strategy and curriculum development. Born and raised in North Canton, Ohio, Lyndsey holds a Bachelor of Arts in in English and communications from the University of Cincinnati. She is an active member of the nonprofit group, Solace of Stark. Currently, Lyndsey resides in Ridgewood, New Jersey, with her husband Mark, their 6-year-old daughter Charlotte and 7-year-old son Greyson.